Deluxe Omakase Sashimi for Parties (8) / おまかせ刺身八人前 100ドル

Deluxe Omakase Sashimi for Parties (8) / おまかせ刺身八人前 100ドル

from 100.00

All Fish will be in block/”saku” form unless specifically noted. Please click the “Sliced Sashimi” option if you would like the staff to slice the fish for you.


*Requires 48 hours notice to prepare will ALWAYS include:

Octopus たこ

Cured Salmon 紅鮭

Tuna メバチマグロ

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Our Omakase Sashimi option is a great introduction to the bounty of the Atlantic Ocean. Everything in our store is specifically curated to meet the rigorous quality standards of what we define as “sashimi quality.”

  • For our Omakase for Eight we will include premium saku for a large occasion

  • For Additional Supplements:

  • Please select -Delivery- in order to insure your order is processed for delivery

  • If you would like your sashimi sliced please select that option and we will slice it for you