Omakase Sashimi for Families (4) | おまかせ刺身四人前

Omakase Sashimi for Families (4) | おまかせ刺身四人前

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Select from multiple tiers of Sashimi packages. All Fish will be in block/”saku” form unless specifically noted. Please click the “Sliced Sashimi” option if you would like the staff to slice the fish for you.


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Our Omakase Sashimi option is a great introduction to the bounty of the Atlantic Ocean. Everything in our store is specifically curated to meet the rigorous quality standards of what we define as “sashimi quality.”

For our Omakase for Four we will handpick the most delicious pieces of sashimi for you (3-4) for a total of 1# of blocks. We will treat the skin as we see fit, unless otherwise notified.

For Additional Supplements :

  • If you would like your sashimi sliced please select that option and we will slice it for you