Temaki Class + Mazemen Off-site


  • 3 types of white fish both fresh and/or cured

  • 2 types of "hikarimono/" Shiny-skinned fish, usually fresh or lightly cured in soy/citrus

  • Nori

  • Multi-grain rice (has barley) or white rice for sushi

  • 3 types of raw vegetables sliced

  • 2 types of cooked vegetables

  • Up-charge for more fish, i.e 5/5 or 7/7 types of fish (if possible, depending on the season), $15/person and $25/person respectively.

  • For example: Whitefish= Snapper/sea bream, fluke, blackfish, while the hikari-mono = spanish mackerel, tuna

  • Veggies will be whatever is in season, and the methods of preparation will vary from roasted to braised


  • Spicy Tuna Confit (Slow-cooked tuna with garlic and ginger) or Chirashi Chuka (Basically a chirashi with noodles)

  • Upcharge per person (+$15/person) for either, Swordfish bacon mazemen, uni-miso mazemen, or when available tuna-toro mazemen *all are subject to seasonality

  • The proteins are described as above, but the vegetables will change depending again on the season

  • Spicy Tuna: Cabbage/carrot slaw with chili oil, tosa-joyu, togarashi, scallions

  • Uni Miso: White miso-braised uni, shiso, pickled tomatoes, citrus, soy, thinly sliced nori

  • Swordfish bacon: Hot-smoked swordfish belly, black vinegar, dashi-marinated roasted vegetables, shiso/scallions

  • Chirashi Chuka: omakase sashimi, soy, sushi-su, shiso, pickled vegetables, sesame seeds

For Add-ons:

  • Whole roasted, dry-aged fish (干物) $100 Flat fee (enough for 15-20 people)

  • Asazuke: Medley of vegetables, pickled. Serves 15 people $50 flat fee

  • Marinated, roasted Fish (Portioned) 5$/person (Best to have a count confirmed before-hand)

  • Seasonal Roasted Veg, (15-20 person's worth) $5/person

  • Kasu-Jiru or Miso Soup [Kasu-jiru is a traditional broth made with sake lees, leeks, potatoes, and bacon, but we will sub out bacon for swordfish belly, unless you must have bacon] $6/person for either option. For Bacon (pork) additional $3/person.

  • Sashimi Platter (for 20), $15/person

  • Hako-zushi: Kansai-style, cured and pressed sushi. Fish is cured on kelp overnight and pressed into the sushi rice., garnished with chiles, lightly torched. $15/person for bluefish or mackerel; $25/person for Sea Bream/Blackfish

Coursed Catering Menu Off-site

Raw Food:

Local Whitefish Ceviche: aji amarillo/seasonal leche de tigre/lime/wild shiso/GF soy/sesame oil

Sashimi Platter: Omakase (whatever looks great!) Seasonal catches may include :

  • Bonito

  • Squid

  • Bigeye Tuna

  • Spanish Mackerel

  • Sea Robin

  • Fluke

  • Blackfish

  • Porgy

Hakozushi: Cured fish, pressed onto sushi (vinegared-white rice) cut and garnished with fermented chiles, nuta (miso/GF Soy/vinegar/yuzu)

Cooked food:

  • Whole-fish Himono (干物) Dry-aged fish: will be determined the week before. Salted and air-dried for 5-6 days to increase umami and roasted on the bone.

  • Side of mazemen, roasted seasonal veggies (courtesy of local bushel and USQ Market), Pickles

  • House-blended GF Kaeshi (Soy/mirin/sake/mushrooms/lemon zest)

  • Miso Soup (fish-based)/shiitake mushrooms/scallions/radish/greens


  • Miso Roasted Fish (can be predetermined) and will be portioned

  • Kasu-Jiru (Sake lees and fish-based broth) simmered potatoes/daikon/leeks

  • White Rice, carrot/cabbage kinpira/tamago (egg) (GF Soy, mirin, sake) Japanese-style stir-fry