Food Education | 食育

OSAKANA invites you into our kitchen + classroom to learn how to prepare fresh fish and local ingredients using Japanese methods and a Mottainai (no waste!) philosophy. We offer a variety of topics in group and private settings.


For any of our “Demonstration” classes, street clothes are fine. For health and safety reasons we ask guests that join us for "hands-on" classes to wear closed-toe shoes and clothes you feel comfortable moving around the kitchen in.

Classes can be booked online at TOCK, if you have trouble finding an open date, just email us at, and we are happy to do our best to accommodate you.
All of our classes are BYOB.





Ramen Tasting Experience

$75 per person

Explore the culinary and cultural history of ramen, through a three course, PESCATARIAN ramen tasting experience. Learn how the addition of tare (seasoning) can drastically change the way ramen broth presents itself. Understand the nuances of ASSARI (light/refreshing), KOTTERI (rich/milky), and MAZEMEN (stirred noodles) as they change in texture and flavor. Unlock the secrets of professional ramen restaurants, while picking our chef-instructors brain. Class runs approximately 1 hour, and can replace dinner for most people. *Since we are a fish market our broth will always contain fish unless otherwise noted during class*



$45 per person / minimum 6ppl

This class will give you the knowledge and confidence to take raw fish home and make sashimi yourself. We will explore several techniques used in preparing raw fish in Japanese homes. Participants will get to taste several types of fish with various preparations such as YUBIKI, YAKISHIMO and KOBUJIME. Class runs for approximately 1 hour, light dinner. Please e-mail us to schedule it.


Ramen at Home

$45 per person / minimum 6ppl

Learn the philosophies and recipes behind YUJI Ramen's mottainai style broth. Students will learn how to prepare impressive bowls of ramen at home, gain an understanding of complex broths and seasoning. In class you will be learning from our chefs to create tare from scratch, as well as the science behind noodles and broth production. Be prepared to take notes! This class is information dense and ends with a half-bowl of ramen that you may have seasoned to your liking. Class runs for approximately 1 hour, light dinner. *Since we are a fish market our broth will always contain fish unless otherwise noted during class* Please e-mail us to schedule it.


Seasonal Tasting At OSAKANA

$125 per person

Using only the best seasonal American, Atlantic Ocean fish and local produce, Chef Daniel Lee will create a pescatarian, multi-course menu to best represent how Brooklyn and Japan intersect. Price inclusive of sales tax and hospitality. This dinner is BYOB (Bring your own bottle), so feel free to bring whatever you like to drink. No corkage fee. No substitutions (we cannot accommodate vegetarians or vegans for this dinner). Dinner will run for approximately 2.5-3 hours. Come hungry and with an open mind! Conversation is always welcome!






Hands-on Sushi making Class

$85 per person

Students will work hands on with our chefs to make temari, oshi-zushi and temaki-zushi using seasonal ingredients and the highest quality raw fish. Students will learn not only the art and history of sushi, but also advice for buying and preparing raw fish safely at home. Guests arrive as sushi students, and leave as Sushi Masters. Class runs approximately 1.5 hours and replaces dinner.


Hands-on Sushi Class with KIDS

$65/parent $45/kid

Join us in the kitchen to make nigiri, temari, and temaki sushi using seasonal ingredients and the highest quality raw fish. This class is meant for kids, so there are no knives involved, all ages welcome, kids must be accompanied by adult! Please email us to request this class. Runs for approximately 1.5 hours and can replace dinner.

Tai ramen.JPG

hands on noodle (soba or ramen) making / tasting class
$195 per person

During this class, you will learn how to make noodles from scratch. You will knead, roll, and cut your noodles. You have a choice of soba (buckwheat) or ramen noodles. After making noodles, you will make broth and complete the bowl. It’s designed as private class for 1 - 4 ppl and about 2 hours long. It’s only booked by e-mail inquiry. Please e-mail us for availability.


Hands-on Fish Butchery

$100 per person

Learn to butcher a whole, locally caught fish, hands on in our kitchen. You'll learn from our chefs the safest and best practices for breaking down a whole fish, while using every part. At the end of class, you'll take home your fish, with the knowledge and confidence to safely prepare it for sashimi and cooking. Class runs for approximately 1.5-2 hours. As the fish is yours to take home, there is no food included.


Head to Fin (whole-fish breakdown and cookery)

$225 per person

OSAKANA invites you to join us in this comprehensive class. OSAKANA's we will teach you how to butcher fish and create a multi-course meal in out kitchen. We will discuss how to properly identify quality fish, how to determine which parts of the fish to use for cooking or sashimi, and how to make sure there is no waste (mottainai) in any part of our cooking. The class will culminate in a complete meal. This class runs approximately 2-3 hours and culminates in a complete meal with leftovers to take home. Best for 1 or 2 people, please contact us to reserve a date.



Private classes are also available by request

We offer fun, hands-on classes for corporate or private events for all occasions

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