TAI カイロプラクティック


TAI カイロプラクティック

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Pick up at TAI every Wednesday

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Pick up an OMAKASE box with fresh fish ready for sashimi or cooking every WEDNESDAY between 11AM and 1PM at TAI 2 West 45th Street, Suite 601, in Manhattan. Please place orders by 11PM MONDAY Night to pick up on Wednesday.

Be advised, this is for PICK UP ONLY at TAI in Manhattan

SASHIMI ONLY box contains three saku blocks (approximately 8oz each) of fresh fish selected for the highest quality and freshness, ready to slice and eat right in your own home. $30

FISH for COOKING ONLY contains 4 portions (3-4oz each) fish fillets marinated in misozuke or sake kasu. $25

SASHIMI & COOKING box contains 2 portions (3-4oz each) marinated fillets and 2 sashimi saku blocks (4oz each) $30

RAMEN for TWO box contains two portions of frozen all fish shoyu ramen broth, and two portions of fresh, Sun ramen noodles. Broth is seasoned, ready to eat, just reheat and cook noodles separately. $20

Email OSAKANABK@GMAIL.COM with any questions