Sunday, October 16th, 7PM

5 Course Dinner with Sake Pairings  

featuring Chef Christina Jackson and Miss Sake USA Jennifer Joly

This five-course instructive tasting menu dinner will showcase parings of Japanese craft sakes with various preparations of fish and seafood. Kitchen techniques featured will be be raw sashimi preparation, frying, roasting, and braising. Five different sakes from around Japan have been selected to demonstrate the diversity of flavors arising from different brewing methods, regional tastes, and varietals of rice. Guests will be tasting sake and enjoying a five-course dinner in the warm company of Christina San (OKONOMI Chef) and Jessica San (Miss Sake USA 2016) at our marble chef's counter located at OSAKANA // $85 per person

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Chef Christina Jackson

Christina Jackson's experience with Japanese cuisine began at an early age growing up around her grandmother's restaurant in Tokyo. She went on to graduate from the Culinary Institute of America and gained practical experience working with Michelin-starred chefs in New York City. Since joining the team at Okonomi in 2015, Christina has been involved with both the traditional ichiju sansai breakfasts and also the unique local seafood-based seasonal ramen menu. Recently, Christina has been focused on creating many new dishes for the weekend omakase tastings at Okonomi. 


Sake Discoveries with Jennifer Joly, Miss Sake 2016!

Jessica Joly, a Sake Sommelier (Kiki-Sake Shi) and the very first Miss Sake USA, will take you through each course, with a unique sake. Jessica will describe the nuances for each different sake, and her reasons for pairing them with Chef Christina dishes.

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