OSAKANA invites you in to learn how to handle Japanese knives, fresh fish and other traditional Japanese ingredients. Please follow us on social media for announcements on special guest instructors and tasting events. A list of upcoming classes is available here.
One on one and small group classes are also available by request. 

fish classes


Fish Butchery Demonstration

Watch as we take one fish from whole to fillet. We will explain the importance of each step as we go so that you can understand our fish handling philosophy. We will also talk about uses for various parts of the fish including scales and some organs. These classes are free demonstrations you are welcome to schedule or join as a walk-in as space is available.


Japanese Fish Butchery- Hands On

In this class we will walk you through breaking down a whole fish on your own. You can select whole fish from our inventory and take it with you when you are done. We ask that participants in this class attend one of the free Fish Butchery Demonstrations before scheduling this class. Think of this as Fish Butchery Tutoring. You can use our facilities although we do strongly encourage using your own knives. We will help you where you need, but encourage you to do as much as you can. This class can be scheduled as a 1 hour appointment for any time during business hours via our email.  $50 plus cost of your fish.

knife classes


Japanese Knife Demonstration

We will introduce you to some commonly used styles of Japanese knives and explain their uses. We’ll also demonstrate proper care for Japanese knives including how to sharpen them using water stones. These classes are free demonstrations you are welcome to schedule or join as a walk-in as space is available.


Knife Sharpening Class - Hands On

In this class we will focus on care for your own personal knives. This is hands-on direct instruction in the kitchen space. Students must come in proper attire to enter the kitchen. Due to the personal nature of this class, it is not on our general schedule but can be scheduled during our business hours via our email.  Because of the use of consumable products and equipment we do ask a small fee for this class. $25 *We also offer knife sharpening as a drop-off service at the same price with a 5-7 day turnaround*


japanese cooking classes

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Miso Soup!

This class emphasizes the importance of dashi as a foundation of Japanese cooking as well as introducing several types of miso. We’ll show you how to make dashi from konbu seaweed and bonito fish flakes. We’ll also talk about several types of miso and their uses beyond soup before showing you how to mount miso into dashi for soup. Participants will get to taste several types of miso and miso soup. $25


Sashimi Techniques

This class will explore several techniques used in preparing sashimi, Japanese sliced raw fish. This class will give you the knowledge and confidence to take raw fish home and make sashimi yourself. Participants will get to taste several types of fish with various preparations such as such as yubiki, yakishimo and  kobujime. $35


Japanese Preparations of Fish

Increase your fish vocabulary by attending this class. We’ll be going over a variety of Japanese seasoning and curing techniques for fish that you can do at home. Participants in this class will get to taste our favorites from our current fish selection done in different preparations. $30


A Note on Kitchen Attire:

For any of our “Demonstration” classes, street clothes are fine. For any “Hands-On” classes we ask that you dress according to Department of Health standards, which require long, nonflammable pants, non-slip shoes and hair tied back, under a hat. We also strongly recommend that you remove all jewelry and nail polish before handling food. These rules are for your safety and the safety of other students.