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Classes  クラス

OSAKANA invites you into our kitchen + classroom to learn how to prepare fresh fish and local ingredients using Japanese methods and a Mottainai (no waste!) philosophy. We offer a variety of topics in group and private settings.

To book a class online, please go to our booking website, or email us, at 

Welcome to our Kitchen // Classroom

Group Classes

Demonstration, discussion & tasting

Sashimi at Home

This class will give you the knowledge and confidence to take raw fish home and make sashimi yourself. We will explore several techniques used in preparing raw fish in Japanese homes. Participants will get to taste several types of fish with various preparations such as such as yubiki, yakishimo and kobujime. $45 per person (1-8 guests)

Sushi at Home
Come take your first steps into a new obsession. Sushi is both a great art and a great comfort in Japan.  You'll learn the basics of sushi rice and make sushi with your own hands. Leave class ready to follow your creative impulses at home. $45 per person (1-6 guests)

Japanese Preparations of Fish
Increase your fish vocabulary by attending this class. We’ll be going over a variety of Japanese seasoning and curing techniques for fish that you can do at home. Participants in this class will get to taste several different fish done in different preparations. $35 per person (1-8 guests)

Mazemen at Home
Learn all the steps to making delicious Mazemen at home using simple ingredients and a Mottainai mind set! Mazemen is a broth-less ramen dish topped with seasonal vegetables and our fresh fish $45 per person (1-6 guests)


Hands-on Private & Semi-Private Classes

Hands-on Summer Poke Ramen + Dining Experience
When it’s hot and you still need noodles, it’s all about Hiyashi Chuka, or Summer Ramen. This chilled dish features seasonal vegetables, and is topped with our beautiful fish, served poke style, Come learn the art of preparing this flavorful dish, hands on in our kitchen. The class explores Japanese seasonings, knife skills, and poke preparation. $110 per person (2-6 guests)

Hands-on Sushi Roll Class + Dining Experience
Students will work hands on with our chefs to make nigiri, temari, hoso maki and temaki sushi using seasonal ingredients and the highest quality raw fish. Students will learn not only the art and history of sushi, but also advice for buying and preparing raw fish safely at home. Guests arrive as sushi students, and leave as Sushi Masters. $75 per person (2-6 guests)

Private Sashimi Class + Dining Experience
During this class, we explore several ways  of preparing raw fish in Japanese homes. Students will be tasting several types of sashimi, with different techniques applied, including yubiki, yakishimi and kobujime. We will also talk specifically on "what is sashimi grade?" and how to buy your own fish for sashimi. This is a great class for anyone looking for the confidence to prepare their own sashimi at home, or someone who just wants to explore their passion for eating sashimi further. $85 per person (2 guests)

Farmers' Market Tour + Summer Poke Ramen with Chef // Founder Yuji Haraguchi
Tour a Brooklyn Farmer’s Market with Chef and Founder of YUJI Ramen, Yuji Haraguchi. Yuji will talk about the best uses for seasonal offerings, and collect ingredients to prepare our signature Summer Poke Ramen, hands on in our kitchen. Chef Yuji will share his unique perception of American ingredients, and how they best apply to Japanese recipes. Be advised, this class is scheduled around the Mccarin Park Farmer’s Market schedule, class will be held on Saturdays, at 9AM. $375 (two guests) 

Hands-on Fish Butchery
Learn to butcher a whole fish side by side with one of our skilled chefs. At the end of class students will take home the fish they have butchered, prepared to cook and eat for sashimi. $50 per person

What to bring and wear to class;

For any of our “Demonstration” classes, street clothes are fine. For health and safety reasons we ask guests that join us for "hands-on" classes to wear closed-toe shoes and clothes you feel comfortable moving around the kitchen in. 

All of our classes are BYOB.

If you have any questions about your class, don't hesitate to email us at

Private Classes are also available by request

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